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The GreenAir SAVANNAH Essential Oil Room Diffuser is a modern, bold statement piece that stands 11 inches high and makes for a stunning, majestic accent in any room.

It runs for up to 34 hours misting the therapeutic aroma of your favourite essential oils. Light it up with a rotation of colours to accentuate its intricate design.

GreenAir 'SAVANNAH' Essential Oil Room Diffuser by features:

  • Run Time: Up to 34 hrs
  • Actual Unit Size (L" X W" X H"): 6″x6″x11″
  • Auto Sensor Shut Off: Yes
  • Capacity: 300 mL
  • Color Change: Yes
  • Coverage Up To (Sq. Ft.): 1,000 sq ft
  • Light Modes: Color Rotating/Fixed/Off
  • Operating Modes: Continuous/ Intermittent/Alternating/Off
  • Power: 100 – 240V AC