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Our GreenAir MEADOW Essential Oil Room Diffuser is inspired by a soft, spring meadow and doubles as a beautiful, hand-crafted ceramic vase. this simple and elegant design will complement any decor while providing the therapeutic aroma of your favourite essential oils.

Whether at home or office, diffuse your favourite oil or oil blend.

GreenAir 'MEADOW' Essential Oil Room Diffuser features:

  • Run Time: Up to 6 hrs.
  • Actual Unit Size (L" X W" X H") 5″x 6″
  • Auto Sensor Shut Off: Yes
  • Capacity: 60 mL
  • Color Change: Yes
  • Coverage Up To 400 (Sq. Ft.)
  • Light Modes: Warm White/ Color Rotating/ Fixed/ Off
  • Misting Modes: Continuous / Off
  • Power: USB DC 5V USB Cord