'DROPS OF JOY' essential oil diffusing necklace

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Our ‘DROPS OF JOY’ essential oil diffusing necklace is the perfect spot to ‘drop’ your favourite essential oil or blend. This drop-dead gorgeous piece comes in two distinct styles…STAINED GLASS (because it reminds us of a stained glass window) and WAVES. Choose your favourite from our drop-down arrow.

Whether you want to set your mood or ‘the mood’…add a few drops of essential oil or blend to the felt pad provided. Insert the pad into the locket, breathe deeply and enjoy the aromatic benefits all day long!

DROPS OF JOY essential oil diffusing necklace by Jodie Podie, features:

  • locket: 316L, 30 mm stainless steel magnetic closure
  • necklace: 12” stainless steel, chain link with lobster claw clasp
  • 3 felt pads included for a place to drop your favourite essential oil or blend