'BOHO' essential oil diffusing necklace

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Are you a free spirit or wanderer?... Is your inner hippie calling out to you? Our 'BOHO' style essential oil diffusing necklace may just be the piece that you are missing in your jewelry collection. This gorgeous, spiral locket is made from stainless steel and has a magnetic closure. Its on-trend tassel can easily be removed, to showcase your locket only.

To set your mood or ‘the mood’… just add a few drops of essential oil or blend to the felt pad provided and insert into the locket. Breathe deeply and enjoy!

'BOHO' essential oil diffusing necklace by Jodie Podie, features:

  • locket: 316L 30 mm, magnetic closure filigree locket
  • necklace: 12” length 316L stainless steel, chain link, lobster claw clasp
  • tassel: 316L stainless steel, 3.5”, lobster claw clasp