Meet Jodie Podie & Family!


Meet Jodie Podie


Meet Jodie Podie!

Welcome to Jodie Podie and thanks for joining us on our very first blog.  Yay!!! You know, we’ve been in business now for about 3 years and it just dawned on me that I have not taken the opportunity to properly introduce myself. goes. Hi...My name is Jodie Retzer. I am a full time Mom to two beautiful children, my 14 year old son Raeden and my 10 year old daughter Meaghan,  a wife of 18 years to my husband Rob, a mom to our fur kid Cashmere, an over-sized masiff/lab cross and the owner of Jodie Podie.  

This year has been a very special year for April I celebrated my 50th birthday!  WOW, right?! Yeah...I know! And perhaps in another blog I will delve a bit deeper into how I felt about that milestone.  For now, let’s continue with Jodie Podie.

About Jodie

Jodie Podie was a nickname given to me by my father when I was a little girl, and I have carried that nickname all my life.  Even today, at 50 years old, my father still refers to me as Jodie Podie.  

I am very much a girly girl and I have always loved pretty things. My Meaghan, well, let's just say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  She is definitely my mini me. My Meaghan so appreciates my girly side and I have such fun living in that moment with her. But you know, this girly girl, can also be the loudest soccer mom on the sidelines… just ask my son Raeden who often has a hard time tuning me out!

My passion for sewing did not develop until I actually left my parents’ home to live on my own while I was attending University.  I think my first project was a duvet cover for my bed and although I was very inexperienced at sewing, in my humble opinion, I did a darned good job! 


About My Family

My family is my rock. My husband, Rob, has always had faith in my creations and constantly encourages my passion to bring Jodie Podie to the world. My first born, Raeden is my joy and Meaghan is my light.  Raeden is my big strong athlete who loves to play and talk soccer, while Meaghan is my sweet little song bird who flits and floats around the house.

And our Cashmere...she’s just a big old goofball of a dog, and despite her 100+lbs, thinks she’s a lap dog!  

Jodie Podie Was Born

The concept of Jodie Podie and our Lush Lovie Blankets was born shortly after I had my first child, Raeden. I wanted my sweet baby boy to have a blanket that he could snuggle and sleep with, that would last for as long as he needed it.  He was a child that loved to be held and cuddled and had a hard time being separated from me. I wanted him to have a blanket that would comfort him, one that was soft and snuggly and felt like a big warm hug. I was determined. We tried many different fabrics and eventually found our special minky.  Raeden loved the softness of his blankie. While nursing, I would wrap him in it so he would feel warm and snuggly. For tummy time, I would rest him on the blankie so that he could play with the super soft character head and tail...oh, he could spend quite a bit of time amusing himself with his sweet friend.  And during his toddler years, he used his blankie as his bedtime companion. Not only was it a blankie that he could wrap himself in, but it was also a comforting friend that he could share secrets with.

Our Lush Lovies Blankets are the perfect combination of a security blanket and a stuffed animal friend, sewn together with love.  Not only will your baby experience love at first sight but they will continue to adore their blanket friend for many years. 

Our Lush Lovies continue to be our most loved blankies.  

Thank you for taking the time with me today.  I hope you will find pure joy in the whimsical world I have created for you!  I so appreciate the support and look forward to meeting you soon!