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Jodie Podie was inspired by my love of creating and a passion for well-made, quality products.

FEATURED COLLECTION: Lush Lovies Blanket Collection

Lush Lovies Collection

"Was given a LUSH LOVIE - DOTTIE the DUCK by Jodie Podie for my baby girl and we both fell in love with it! It gives her a warm cozy feeling and comforts her like a big warm hug. She sleeps with her 'ducky' every night and is always snuggled up close when she awakes in the morning.

Amazing quality blanket that is a thicker, softer material than just a simple blanket and is easily cleaned in the washing machine...she drags it all over the house and after a quick wash it still looks like new. Would highly recommend this blanket as a gift or for your little one at home!"

~ Patti, ON Canada ~


We just got the most adorable tooth shaped door hangers to make it simple for the “tooth fairy” to collect the lost primary set and replace with something special. Jodie Podie, hand made with class. Thank you!!!!

-Michel Genda

My eight month old daughter had an instant attachment to her LARA the LAMB - LUSH LOVIE. She grabs for it every time it is in eyesight and has spent tons of time snuggling with it and playing with the lamb head. With our daughter being our first child, we received tons of blankets and never before has she responded this way to any of them. This is definitely going to be her blanket that she brings everywhere and that is great for us as it is extremely high quality, incredibly soft and very durable. It even has a great velcro piece so she can wrap it around herself! We are all in love with this blanket and I would highly recommend them to any parent.

Taryn, ON Canada

 LUSH LOVIE - LARA the LAMB, is one baby gift that we already know is going to be a memorable childhood companion for Elizabeth for a long time.  When she was fussy in those first few months, we cuddled her in it to get her to sleep. And I can't lie, the lovely material made those 3 am snuggles a little bit easier. When Elizabeth began to explore the world around her, she loved playing with the cute little face and trying all the different textures.  Her toddler cousin Chloe loves cuddles with Lara too. Chloe loved it so much we had to get her one of her own! It's now her choice nap companion.  And funniest of all, I've even caught Grandpa snuggling with the Lush Lovie from time to time! But then again, who doesn't like a good cuddle with such a cute little character?

Laura, ON Canada

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